Listening to a Report (1)

How do you carry out a subject for listening competence? Some friends of mine gave me this question. Simply I said, “I do it in many ways.”

One of the ways is:

(The topic is: Natural disasters)

1. I prepare some pictures and texts about natural disasters.

2. Entering the class, I ask my students to pray for the victims of a disaster currently happened.

3. I present some pictures. Students should select which picture deals with their prayer.

4. After mentioning the aims of teaching, I ask the students to name several natural disasters and give explanation on each: the descriptions, the causes and the effects.

5. We write down certain words related to natural disasters.

6. I then give them brief explanations about several disasters, show them several pictures. (a series of pictures for one disaster)

7. I also deal with the language features: the grammar of Passive Voice.

8. Students work in pairs. Each pair gets an exercise sheet for Passive Voice. It is a completion type. Every one listens to the reading of each item and complete the blanks with the words they hear. Then check their work.

9. Students work in groups. I show the class several pictures of natural disasters.(Or: you can make copies for each picture as many as the numbers of groups) Every group listens to a report, and make a decision which picture is related to the report. To check their comprehension, a student of each group walk around the classroom, tell the other groups about their own group’s opinion. For example:  (as the report is about flood)In my opinion this picture describes the situation during the flood . (Here, the teacher must try to avoid mentioning the word ‘flood’, the students may have a mistake in choosing the picture.)

10. I read another report and the students do the same thing. This activity is performed until they get all pictures matched to each report.

How about you? How do you usually manage your listening class?


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