Teaching Reading Text

Giving a lesson on reading a text to some teachers may seem tiring and boring. Students  may then be influenced by the teacher’s laziness.

In order to enhance the students’ attention in reading, a teacher should think of several strategies (and by considering the diversity of students’ intelligences as well)

A teacher may use several ways in introducing a text to students, such as: through pictures, listening to a reading,  listening to a song related to the text, or watching some actions describing the content of the text.

Here are some steps I usually do in my reading class.

1. I prepare a text and some pictures related to the text before hand.

2. In the classroom. I show those pictures to the students, elicit their understanding about them. The students try to arrange the pictures in order to create a good story.

3. Students then tell the story based on the arrangements of the pictures.

4. I add some new words in their story (which are used in the text).

5. Students and I point out at the new  and difficult words. We discuss the meaning. I give comments on their story: the relation to the real text.

6. Then we read the text. I read the text while the students listen. Some students read out the text in turns.  Then the whole class read it.

7. I put the students in groups. A member of one group reads a sentence, continued by another student from another group. In this section I usually give a kind of punishment to a student who don’t read the right part of the text. (Like, tell them to dance or sing). And to the higher levels of students I give the punishment to those who cannot pronounce certain words well.

8. I give points for each group. The winning group is the one who gets the highest point. (Sometimes I give a prize to the winner.)


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