ada lagi? God, please heal me.

after three years I could hardly believe, it appears again…..

I started feeling this pain six months ago.. headache, dizziness everyday, hurt in my tummy. Sometimes the pain was really painful, weakening me for a week or so. My tummy got bigger and stiffen…

Then I consulted a doctor, she didn’t think I had a tumor (again), she gave me some medicine to cure the headache. But it didn’t work. I  still had to consume those cheap pain-killer drugs. And I’m still consuming them.

A month ago, as I couldn’t stand the pain ( the headache), I had my health checked. To my surprise, one of the doctors told me that I have another tumor which is much bigger and more dangerous than the last I had in mine.

She didn’t give me any choices. She gave me an ultimatum. A very final decision, surgery, immediately, to remove it. She also predicts that I may have to undergo a chemotherapy.

And another doctor, a neurologist,  gave me several pain-killers (which then I realized they didn’t work). She told me to see her again a week later, if I still have that pain in my head. I’m still suffered   from the headache, but I don’t make an appointment again with her. I don’t want to go another medical therapy. (Coz I know I have to undergo several more medical treatment: the scanning, blood test, x-ray, etc)

So, I still always have this painful headache every day,  my tummy gets bigger and sometimes stiff, pain in my belly, waist, and legs.

Well, it’s my own fault. I stopped consuming the orchid leaves as doctors declared that I had been free from the cancer three years ago.

God, give me the strength against the illness.Subhanallah, subhanallah, subhanallah. Walhamdulillah, wa laa ilaaha ilallah


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