About me

I love Bandung.
I have been living in Bandung for about thirty years. My family come from another big city in Java Island. We had to settle in Bandung since my father was assigned to be a head of a college in this city.

I met a very nice guy here whom then asked me to marry him.
Not long after our marriage, I was recruited to be a government employee. And really, I wasn’t excited when I knew my first place of workwas out of town, so far away from Bandung.
I hated to leave my family, my dear baby, my husband, and my mom, but I had to.

Months passed by before my husband and my baby decided to join me in my new place. We rented a small house there.
As time passed by, we tried and tried to make ourselves feel comfortable there.
But no one knows what might happen to our lives, don’t we? God plays the biggest role in this case.
When my husband and I had already made up our mind to live in our own house, my mom passed away.
Yeah…my dear mom…I really miss her…
I’ll continue my story.
A few days after my mom’s death, my siblings called me to have a discussion. The final agreement upon that discussion made me move back to Bandung, live in my parents’ house.
Well, time is getting harder this time. I still had to work out of town so did my husband, but my son had to get to school in Bandung…Oh, dear God!
We, me and my husband had to leave our dear son for about five days every week. But many of times I didn’t go to work. I spent my time with my dear baby, my only son.
I think every mother can’t stand leaving her baby alone for three or four days a week, every week, I mean. No one will do.
My husband and I tried to find a place of work for ourselves in Bandung, then.
Luckily, my husband found one. He got a very good position in a private company in Bandung. He told me that we could settle in Bandung again. His words encouraged me to ask the local authorities for a transfer permission to a new post in Bandung.
Alhamdulillahhirobbil alamiin. In 2006 I got my new recommendation to post a vacancy in a private Islamic Secondary School in Bandung.
Now, I enjoy my teaching here in that school as an English teacher.



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